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Get the latest news about my Guinness world- record attempt in Lakeview, Oregon, or my recent kinetic- art creations on my Kinetic King page, or check out my photos taken during my latest working trips to Russia, Holland, Germany, Chicago, and Washington DC. Or check out my new collection of amazing mazes including my latest invention, the ultra- cool railroad maze! Also, if you like to read outrageously weird fiction, you'll enjoy reading Fort's Shorts, twelve short stories I wrote for practice while working on my time- travel epic, King of the World. Finally, I updated the page on my dad's woodworking and painting here . It's more fun than a barrel of accountants!

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Tim Fort's Kinetic Art The Kinetic King

Check out my amazing one- of- a- kind kinetic gadgets that fall down and explode in more ways than you can shake a stick at!

Picture This! Picture This!

A nice gallery of pictures taken with my digital camera.

Theater of the Mindless Theater of the Mindless

A cool collection of short videos I've made over the years.

The Write Stuff The Write Stuff

A nice selection of my literary efforts.

Odds 'n' Ends Odds 'n' Ends

A large collection of my zany computer art.

Gary's Wooden Cha Know Gary's Wooden Cha Know

A small gallery of pictures of my father's wooden creations.

Lunatim's Loopy Land Lunatim's Loopy Land

A large web page devoted to one of the greatest simulation games ever, Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Timagination, Inc. Timagination, Inc.

A small collection of cool coasters created with Ultimate Ride: Disney Coaster.

Links that Don't Stink Links That Don't Stink

Quality links that are updated frequently to avoid those pesky "404 blues".

..... The Tim- Space Discontinuum was first placed on the World Wide Web on 8/13/2001 and the most recent update was on 7/23/2015. .. All content, except where noted, is © Timothy A. Fort. .. The Tim- Space Discontinuum is partially based upon my defunct web site, Lunatim's Psychedelicatessen. .. The picture below of Yours Truly was taken in Battery Park in New York City by my brother.

Yours Truly

Comments? Compliments? Complaints? Feel free to contact me at lunatimrex@gmail.com

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